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The Science in Marketing

Do you know the real reason it’s so important to provide relevant content to your target

audience on your social media platforms, or as part of your marketing strategy overall?

Science. Better known as your Attention Filter. This is the process of your subconscious mind

filtering content it deems unimportant to you, instead focusing only on the things that are

important to you.

Why is the attention filter important?

Because there is a limit to how much information our brains can process at any given time.

What does this mean in marketing?

  • It means your audience's attention span is very limited. Every post you read, video you watch, and feed you scroll through, is in a constant struggle with the other parts of your brain that wish to focus on other things.

  • It also means every press conference you give or conversation you have, also face the same struggle.

To put in perspective: The conscious mind is estimated to process 120 bits per second. To understand just one person speaking to us, we must process 60 bits of information per second.

How do you make sure your message doesn’t get ignored?

  • By understanding exactly who your targeted audience is, so you can craft your message specifically for them.

  • You should have at least 3 customer archetypes created for who your ideal target base will be. By creating these, you’ll have a reference point for every piece of content you push out. (Archetype examples: age, gender, job title, etc.)

How do you decide who your ideal target audience is?

By understanding your “story” and setting goals. (1 year plan / 5 year plan)

  • By understanding your story, you understand why it is you’re doing what it is you’ve chosen to do. By understanding the “why,” you’ll understand the “how.”

  • “How” you will help your audience. This is where your customer personas will stem from.

Once you are clear on your story and your target audience, your business decisions will flow much easier and quicker. Allowing you to determine if it fits within your goals.

Telling your story effectively humanizes your brand. This is how you relate, connect and build a loyal following. Based on your audience feeling connected to you, they will trust you more and more. Looking to your brand for guidance on matters you both value. Rather than seeing you or your brand as another sales piece looking for attention to purchase services/products, they will see you as a person. Emotional connections are lasting impressions. Whether happiness, anger or

sadness. Situations, posts or people that draw these emotions out in us – stand out

from the rest. In business, it separates you from your competition. Sources: Selective attention, filtering, and the development of working memory

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