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Building Brand Loyalty

Let’s think about it like this for a second,

When a customer enters your store for the first time, or even the 100th time… Do you still give them the same level of attention? Same friendly tone as the first time they entered the store? Do you still ask them if they need a hand finding something?

Most likely the answer is, yes - to all the above. You’re trying to ensure your customer has a good experience within your business, as well as, helping them through the purchasing process. Thus, resulting in your customer feeling comfortable about purchasing your product or service, through a level of trust you've just built helping them "solve" their problem. After all, that's what they came to your store for, right?

To break it down a little further... The reason you ask your customer if they’re finding everything okay, or need help, isn’t just about completing a sale. It’s also about building a relationship with your customer. This is where trust is formed, making the sales cycle that much shorter the next time your customer returns to purchase, or, if that customer refers another to you. When you build trust, you build a loyal following.

By helping each customer in your store, whether they complete a transaction with you or not - you are gaining something much more valuable than a singular transaction… You’re gaining loyalty, and trust... A reputation... A brand. It is when you establish a brand, that people form expectations and assumptions about your company before ever having done business with you before. A "good brand," will automatically have you top of mind with potential customers. A "bad brand," will automatically have potential customers ignore you. Be careful what you put out there.

Just remember - social media works much in the same way. The only difference is, when people hit your social media page, they’re not quite ready to purchase from you immediately. It’s then up to you, to convince them to explore your brand further. It's up to you, to be ready when they do.

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