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We offer connections to sponsorship opportunities that align with your business's missions, values, and target audience. 

Why are sponsorships important to your bottom line? 

1. Gain Insights
You can learn a lot from sponsoring opportunities like the newest industry trends or business ideas, unique selling propositions of other companies, and new strategies for attracting a more extensive customer base.

2. Generate leads
Brand loyalty is mainly dependent on emotional connections. By sponsoring events, you can gain exposure to prospective customers and highlight the human side of yo
ur company. When a team member of your organization attends the events you sponsor, you can learn valuable information about your customers, develop a mailing list and promote your services or products.

3. Foster a Positive Brand Presence

Choose sponsorship opportunities that attract your target audience. This helps ensure that you're connecting with high-quality leads that are interested in your solutions or products.

4. Increase Return On Investment
Sponsorships provide businesses with excellent exposure, typically resulting in a great return on investment (R

Farm & Market Clarenville

Farm & Market Clarenville.jpg

This organization focuses on growth, sustainability, eco-friendly practices & living a healthy lifestyle.

"To develop a non-profit social enterprise in rural NL where crops are locally grown, harvested, and sold via a vibrant Farmers’ Market.

We exist to create new jobs so that people and tourists from the greater Clarenville area can grow, harvest, and sell, local fruits, vegetables, crafts, and seafood. The Market also seeks to help new Canadians and clients from the Ability Corporation to find gainful employment and integrate into our local communities."

5. Build Business Relationships
By sponsoring non-profits, events, and programs - you help your company make valuable connections with non-competing businesses, giving you opportunities for collaboration in the future. 

6. Content Marketing Strategy
Sponsorships can provide a great source of new material for a company's content strategy. Promoting your involvement in an event or activity can drive traffic from the event and increase your engagement. 

7. Foster a Positive Brand Presence

People typically enjoy supporting brands that invest in their community and spread positive messages. By sponsoring a critical cause, you can attract media attention, set your company apart from more prominent brands and inspire brand loyalty. 

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